How many months should you prepare to buy a house?

When you're getting ready to buy a home, the sooner you can start, the better. Work on your finances in the months prior to. Overview · Steps Before You Buy · Steps When You're Ready to Buy. A mortgage pre-approval shows you which home you qualify for.

The best time to get pre-approved is before you start looking for a home. This can be two months or a year in advance, whatever makes sense to you. After all the work you've done to increase your credit rating, these last few steps will ensure that you look as creditworthy as possible. Spend this month researching different mortgages.

Many buyers apply for a conventional loan when buying a home, but there are other options that may be more appropriate for you. For example, VA loans are available to military service members and their families. People who qualify for these loans may not have to invest money in buying a home. Buying a house isn't a sprint, it's a marathon.

You have to plan every step of the process to finish strongly. You can't see where you're going until you know where you are. Be honest with yourself and take stock of your credit and income. Set a budget that's comfortable for your lifestyle.

Now that you're 10 months away from buying a home, it's time to make a wish list of must-have home features. Your annual income, monthly debt, credit rating, and the housing market you're looking for play an integral role in the cost of buying a home. Many homebuyers in this market have pooled the money to buy the home and then applied for delayed financing after the mortgage has run out (usually 6 months). Don't even consider buying a home before you have an emergency savings account with living expenses for three to six months.

If you're looking for a home in a booming housing market, expect to spend months, or even a year, looking for a home.

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